Sushi Hikari (En)

Sushi of 鮨光 Sushi Hikari 2
Savor authentic sushi made with care 
at Tokyo Jiyugoka


Sushi is simple.

Nothing complex is done.
Yet its simplicity makes it profound.

Fresh is served fresh and preparation is done with care.
Please enjoy the freshly made sushi, gently hand-made one by one, with carefully selected finest ingredients and deliciously made earthen-pot cooked rice.

Our restaurant has a bright and welcoming atmosphere surrounded by Cypress (Hinoki) wood. Edo-mae authentic sushi is prepared on a beautifully polished black marble and our iconic 6 meter-long hinoki wooden board counter.

High-end Sushi restaurants in Japan may be intimidating.
We hope to offer you a place where you can savor authentic sushi relaxed with our friendly atmosphere.
(If you would like, our English speaking staff will teach you all the manners and culture of Sushi!)

Our goal is to provide positive energy to our customers through our meal and for you to feel energized after visiting us.
As our customer, your smile is our energy and motivation.

Watch us featured in "Sushi and Sushi specialty Tokyo" Youtube channel ↓


LUNCH ( 11:30 – 13:00 / 13:30 – 15:00)

“Omakase” 12 pieces        ¥8,500
12 fresh Nigiri sushi pieces, soup and Japanese egg omelette with shrimp

“Omakase” 15 pieces       ¥11,000
15 fresh Nigiri sushi pieces, 1 maki sushi, soup and Japanese egg omelette with shrimp

Selected “Omakase” Short       ¥11,000
3 side dishes, 12 fresh Nigiri sushi pieces,  soup and Japanese egg omelette with shrimp

DINNER (18:00-23:00)

Extra Nigiri Chef’s selection Full Course        ¥20,000

2 seasonal side dishes, 15 fresh Nigiri sushi pieces, soup and Japanese egg omelette with shrimp

“Omakase” Chef’s selection Full Course        ¥22,000
4 seasonal side dishes, 12 fresh Nigiri sushi pieces, soup and Japanese egg omelette with shrimp

※Please note that the number of dishes may change due to the availability of the ingredients on that day. 

※ All price includes tax

※ Should you wish to bring your own alcoholic drinks, there is a charge for 4,000 yen (incl. tax) per bottle.
※ Red wine is not allowed as it stains the wooden counter.

【Tips to enjoy the meal】
  • Sushi is best eaten fresh, warm dishes when it is warm and cold dishes when it is still cold. Please enjoy the meal as soon as it is served to get the most out of your experience.
  • We hope you enjoy the meal with all five senses! To make this happen, please refrain from using strong scented perfumes and fragrances.


Operating days and events are shown on the calendar below. We update announcements and photos almost every day on Instagram! (Posts are made on Facebook Page automatically. Please use Instagram for inquiries.) Follow us↓



We do have English speaking staff on certain days.

To make sure we can serve you the best, we kindly ask our foreign guests to reserve beforehand through the following site.

Reservation is available 24 hours.

Please check the CALENDAR for our operating dates.

We look forward to serving you!

↓↓Please click the following “Reservation” button to reserve↓↓

鮨光 Sushi Hikari  Door


Q:  May I take photos? 

A:  Of course, you may take photos of the meal! When taking photos, we would appreciate if you could be mindful not to capture other customers in order to protect their privacy.

Q: I have food allergy and some dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate?

A: We serve sushi (raw seafood) and cannot offer menus free of raw ingredients, but please inform us of any allergies or special dietary restrictions in the reservation form. We will try to accommodate where possible.

Q: I have some inquiries. How can I reach you?

A: If you are reserving, please write your inquiries on the reservation form. For other inquiries, please use Instagram DM messages or through phone. (Please be mindful that our English speaking staff works only on certain days. )

Q:  Is the restaurant wheelchair friendly?

A: Yes, it is wheelchair friendly.

Q:  Can I take my children to the restaurant?

A: We would appreciate if you could let us know in advance. 

Q:  Can I bring my own alcoholic drink?

A:  You may bring your own alcoholic drink for 4,000 yen (incl. tax) per bottle. Please understand that red wine is not allowed as it stains the wooden table. 

Q:  We want to celebrate our anniversary there. Do you serve any cake?

A:  Unfortunately, we do not serve any cake. Should you wish to bring your own cake, please let us know in advance and we will be able to hold it for you and serve you at the end of your meal.

Q: Can I reserve the entire restaurant? What is the maximum capacity?

A:  Absolutely! You may reserve the entire restaurant from two people for the price of eight people (our maximum capacity).



Gracea Jiyugaoka 1F-B Okusawa 2-10-3
Setagaya-ku Tokyo JAPAN 158-0083

Tokyu Toyoko line / Tokyu Oimachi line :
7mins walk from JIYUGAOKA station South Exit

Tokyu Meguro line :
2mins walk from OKUSAWA station Exit 1


Opening hours: 
Lunch   11:30 - 13:00 / 13:30 - 15:00
Dinner 18:00 - 23:00
Closed: Tuesday/Wednesday. Please check the "CALENDAR" for specific dates

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